As a homeowner, you’re aware of the attention to detail it takes to keep your house in optimal condition. There are always items on the “To Do” list. Some of them are expensive, so you try to budget for eventualities as much as possible. One of these big-ticket items is your home’s HVAC system.

Living in Florida, a working air conditioner is essential. This means providing regular maintenance which includes cleaning the condensate pump once a year.

What Is the Condensate Pump?

Air conditioners work by absorbing the warm air and humidity from your home. The moisture is separated from the air which creates condensation that dribbles into a drip pan. When the drip pan is full, the water is filtered out through a pipe called the condensate line.

The condensate pump is responsible for pushing the water out of your home. As the water level rises, it lifts a float which triggers a switch that connects to the pump motor, which forces the water outside.

No matter how clean you keep your home, dirt and debris will accumulate in the reservoir. Cleaning it regularly will extend the life of the air conditioner.

How to Locate the Condensate Pump

Before working on the pump, be sure to shut off power to the air conditioner at the breaker panel. Once you’ve done that, go to the closet or basement where your furnace is located. Next to it, you’ll see a rectangular plastic box. The condensate pump is inside. Unplug it from the wall.

How to Clean a Condensate Pump in 5 Steps

Then follow these steps to clean the condensate pump:

Step 1. Remove the top of the box with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 2. Empty the water into a bucket.

Step 3. Remove the pump and clean it with a soft brush.

Step 4. Reattach the pump.

Step 5. Use a sponge soaked in vinegar to clean the plastic box.

Remember to plug in the reservoir when you’re finished. Missing this step will cause flooding when it fills with water again.

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