Air Conditioner Theft Prevention Tips

Air Conditioner Theft Prevention

You may be wondering why anyone would want to steal an AC unit. They’re pretty heavy to carry, making a quick getaway difficult, right? Theft still happens, though, and it’s pretty common. Aside from possibly needing an AC to call their own, most AC thieves are after the valuable copper in the unit. Here are some words of wisdom from Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating on how to keep your AC safe, and your home cool, all year long.

#1. Keep Your Air Conditioner out of Reach

Don’t put your AC in a window that people can walk up to. Even if you’re on the second floor of an apartment, don’t put the AC in the window by your porch. However, this isn’t always possible when you live on the first floor of an apartment building or when you need an AC in the first floor level of your home.

#2. Light the Area Surrounding Your AC

Thieves don’t want to get caught, and they’ll likely try to steal your AC unit at night. To deter them from even trying, put lighting around the air conditioner.

#3. Block off the AC Unit

One of the best options for preventing AC theft is to put a fence or cage around the unit. In Florida, AC units aren’t hard to come by. If yours is fenced in, odds are that the thieves will simply move on to a unit that’s easier to swipe. However, make sure that whatever cover you use for the unit, it can still “breathe.” Otherwise, it won’t work properly. Ideally, purchase a cage that’s intended specifically for AC units. For extra protection, put a lock on the cage.

#4. Get an AC Alarm

This is a great alternative to a cage. If you don’t want to get an actual alarm system for the unit, simply putting an alarm sticker on the AC could be enough to prevent theft.

#5. Use a Surveillance Camera

A camera is another way to keep an eye on your home, and your air conditioner. To keep thieves at bay, make the camera obvious. The warning sign will cause thieves to think twice before getting too close to the AC. Then, if they do end up stealing it, you’ll have them on camera, making it a lot easier for the police to track down the robbers. Make sure to put lighting near the cameras so that you’ll be able to see the footage clearly.

Call Blair’s Air for Help With Air Conditioner Theft Prevention

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