How to Protect Your Ductwork From Animals

How to Protect Your Ductwork From Animals

The family of mice living in your backyard may be kind of cute, but that doesn’t mean you want them coming anywhere near the interior of your home. Especially here in Tampa Bay, Florida, animals of all types are very close to our homes. Although you may think you have the critters under control, they could be hiding out in your home in one of the coziest and discreet places of all – your air ducts.

Especially during the colder months, when your air ducts provide a warm escape from the cold outdoor air, mice, rats and other small mammals love nothing more than a cozy duct to cuddle up in. While you may not be opposed to sharing your living space, animals can cause serious damage inside ductwork, so it’s important to keep them out. Here’s how you can prevent your ducts from becoming a petting zoo.

How Animals Harm Your AC

When animals get inside your ductwork, it won’t take long before they realize, “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” In search of food, they’ll likely start to nibble through your ducts, creating holes and cracks that allow air to escape.

If the animals don’t find their way out soon enough and actually end up inhabiting your ducts, their waste could have a seriously negative impact on your indoor air quality. Even worse, if anything ends up dying inside your ducts, your house will soon be filled with the putrid odor of decay!

How to Keep Critters Out of Your Ductwork

Set traps: If you know animals are moving in and out of your air ducts, you can attempt to catch them in their tracks. You can set up traps with aromatic foods like cheese or even peanut butter, and release the critters back into the great outdoors.

Keep your ducts sealed: Ducts with pre-existing cracks and holes will be more susceptible to animals crawling inside them, so make sure everything is properly sealed. An AC professional will be able to inspect the length of your ductwork to check for issues and make sure everything fits together tightly.

Get preventative maintenance: There’s no better way to keep your entire AC system clean and running smoothly than with professional preventative maintenance. When an AC technician comes to perform maintenance on your AC, they’ll check the entire system to makes sure everything is working properly and inform you of any potential risks. Plus, maintenance helps prevent costly breakdowns and can even lower your energy bills.

Blair’s Air Can Help Keep the Critters Out of Your HVAC!

Whether you need a ductwork repair or you’re interested in scheduling preventative maintenance, you’re covered with Blair’s Air. Give us a call or schedule a service online today to keep your ducts critter-free!