3 Reasons You Need to Relocate Your AC System

Reasons You May Need to Relocate Your AC System

Air conditioners are noisy, an eyesore and expensive to replace when damaged. The right placement for your air conditioning unit could make all the difference in your cooling experience as well as your maintenance expenses. Here are some things to consider before installing or relocating your air conditioner.

Have Your AC Unit Installed in the Shade

Not only does the sun cause your outdoor A/C unit to wear faster, it also creates increased surrounding temperatures. If your air conditioner is currently located in a sunny spot this may be a contributing factor to increased energy bills. Relocating your air conditioner to a shady area will help your air conditioner’s motor to not have to work so hard. The surrounding air will be cooler so it will be more efficient for your air conditioner to convert that air to a cooler temperature before sending it through your home.

Consider Your AC’s Noise Level

Air conditioners are noisy which is often forgotten when homeowners are deciding where they want to install their new unit. They are usually more concerned about the eyesore it creates which causes them to install air conditioning units in side yards or underneath decks. The constant hum being emitted from the unit could cause you and your guests to want to relocate your A/C system at your next cook-out.

Keeping Your AC Free of Obstructions

The general rule is to keep the 2-foot radius around your A/C unit free of any obstructions. Be sure to clear out any debris like leaves and vegetation from around the unit to avoid clogging the filter. If you want to camouflage your unit, try building a fence around it with large slots to allow for sufficient airflow. This will also help reduce noise levels.

Reliable AC Service in the Tampa Bay Area

If you are considering relocating your air conditioner, contact the experts at Blair’s Air. We will be happy to provide you with advice on where the best place is to put your unit as well as get the job done with quality service.