Safe and Easy Ways to Give Your House that Signature Holiday Scent

Safe and Easy Ways to Give Your House that Signature Holiday Scent

As the holiday season approaches and you prepare to welcome family and friends, make sure your home is smelling fresh. Following these useful tips can help create a pleasant holiday home for everyone.

1. Decorate With Door Wreaths

Placing a sweet-smelling natural wreath of boughs and holly at the front door helps give the doorway a charming holiday aroma. In Florida and Hawaii, where temperatures remain very comfortable during this time of year, some families also enjoy including aromatic cut flowers on wreaths, adding a distinct local scent to your entrance.

2. Use Holiday Baking Effectively

Scientists who study the sense of smell have discovered an assortment of weird facts about the science of scents. One such finding is that the smell of freshly baked cookies, vanilla, and cinnamon all contribute to a pleasant living environment. If you plan on entertaining friends and family this season, consider offering cookies warm from the oven and freshly ground vanilla coffee.

3. Consider Scheduling HVAC Duct Cleaning

Before the holiday season gets underway, it may prove helpful in some cases to schedule a whole-house duct cleaning. Many households seek this type of service periodically as a great way to help control unwanted home odors. A central air system sends air through ducts in the home, distributing heat during the winter and refreshing air conditioning during warmer months. In some cases, as air flows through the system, mildew, mold or dust particles become trapped in overhead vents. Obstructed vents can contribute to unpleasant odors in residential environments, which can be eliminated by periodic duct cleaning.

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