Why You Should Test for Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Why You Should Test for Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious issue that should concern all homeowners. While carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can have a damaging, and even fatal, impact on people, it is also completely odorless, tasteless and colorless. This makes it very difficult to detect without proper equipment. This gas is produced naturally through activities that include cooking, using the fireplace and more. Low levels of carbon monoxide can result in depression, memory loss and other issues, while exposure to extremely high levels can result in death.

The Importance of Testing

Carbon monoxide gas is naturally produced through various activities in the home, and it is difficult for people to determine if the gas is present. Most people will not suspect that carbon monoxide is in their home until they show symptoms of poisoning. Testing the air for the presence of this gas is a healthier option than waiting for symptoms to develop.

Why One-Time Testing is Not Enough

One-time testing is a great way to determine if carbon monoxide gas is present at any given time in the home, but common daily activities like cooking and burning a fire in the fireplace can create carbon monoxide gas. One-time testing is simply not enough, and homeowners will benefit from on-going measures to detect the presence of this toxic gas in the home.

The Benefits of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With high levels of carbon monoxide poisoning, the symptoms of poisoning may come on suddenly. Carbon monoxide detectors can immediately alert you and your family members to the presence of this gas in the home, and this includes high levels and low levels. Waiting for symptoms to develop can be unhealthy and even fatal in some cases, so installing carbon monoxide detectors is a safer option.

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