Between three-digit temperatures and enough humidity to make the air feel drinkable, summertime in Florida challenges even the most sophisticated air conditioners to put their money where their mouth is. If the seasons could be compared to sporting events, then Florida summers are no doubt the HVAC Superbowl – except that, with the right preparation and care, it’s possible for everybody to win. Since warm temperatures extend well into the “autumn” in Florida, it’s not too late to give your air conditioner the summertime TLC it needs in order to run at the top of its game. To see the top five easy maintenance tips that’ll keep your HVAC system going, check out our Florida summer HVAC checklist below!

Check your filters

It’s a well-known fact that your air conditioner works overtime in the summer. Though there are plenty of measures you can take to keep costs down and efficiency up, summer is the time to pay extra attention to your air filters. Higher AC performance means that your filters are likely to need changing more frequently in the summer than they do in the winter (or those two weeks of mid-70s temperatures that Floridians call fall).

Dirty AC filters have a seriously negative impact on the air quality of your home, making you more susceptible to allergies, headaches, dizziness, colds, and other symptoms (all unpleasant) caused by the accumulating bacteria. Check your air filters every 3-4 weeks to make sure your air conditioner isn’t doing more harm than good.

Clean your ducts and vents

Another item high on a well-prepared Florida summer HVAC checklist is to make sure that your ducts are cleaned every 2-4 years and that your vents are cleaned as often as your filters. Over time, large amounts of dust and debris can build up in your ducts, so scheduling regular professional cleanings every couple of years right before summer hits is a great way to keep your home healthy and clean from the inside out. Similarly, dust easily accumulates on your vents. Even if it’s not visible from afar, this debris can cause the same kinds of unpleasant symptoms as dirty air filters – so take care to thoroughly clean them just as often as your filters.

Make “Summer Cleaning” a thing

When it comes to your HVAC system, “Summer Cleaning” is every bit as important as its springtime counterpart. Don’t get so caught up cleaning things like filters and vents that you forget to give some TLC to your unit itself. Make sure your unit’s foils and fins are clean every time you change your air filter. Keeping your unit itself clear of debris and dirt is a great way to help cool air spread more efficiently throughout your home.

Make sure vents are open

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but this item makes it onto our Florida summer HVAC checklist because you’d be surprised by how many people overwork their air conditioners when a much simpler – and cheaper – fix is available. Every time you clean your vents, check to make sure that they’re all the way open. If you’ve been setting your thermostat to cooler temperatures than usual to no avail, it’s especially important to take this step before taking the more time-consuming step of calling in HVAC repair services.

HVACs need checkups, too

That being said, it is a great idea to schedule your annual HVAC maintenance visit near or during the summer. Annual maintenance check-ins are an important precaution to take in making sure your air conditioner is running as it should be. Regular servicing is crucial to cutting costs long-term, as it helps to diagnose small issues with your AC before they become big ones.

As we face the extended summer that is standard for Florida, we do it with an array of top tips geared toward making sure we stay cool, clean, and safe in the heat and humidity. No matter what stage of summer it may be, consulting our Florida summer HVAC checklist is the first step you can take to guaranteeing your air conditioner is in top shape! To learn more or to schedule your annual maintenance visit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.