Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Ah, summertime in Florida…that time of year when walking to your mailbox and back is enough to make you sweat. While you can’t control the weather, there are things you can do to keep yourself cool against the oppressive heat. So grab a sunhat and an ice-cold lemonade and read these three tips for staying cool in the midst of summer.

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1. Dress to Keep Cool

Looking fashionable might sound nice, but there comes a time when we must sacrifice fashion for comfort. This is especially true during sweltering summer months. How you dress is one of your first lines of defense in beating the heat. For starters, dress in clothing that is light in color and a breathable texture, like cotton. Cotton is one of the most airy textiles and will keep you much cooler than many synthetic fabrics. Stay away from thick fabrics and denim if you can.

2. Stay Hydrated

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many underestimate just how much water they need to be drinking to stay hydrated. While many studies say you should drink eight cups of water per day, you need to pump up this number during summer. During the warmest months, we naturally perspire more and lose more fluids—especially if you’re an athlete or spend lots of time outdoors. Keep cool this summer by always bringing a bottle of water with you and making a point to refill it often. Snacking on foods with a high water content (think watermelon and cucumbers) can also help to keep you hydrated.

3. Schedule a Maintenance Checkup for Your Air Conditioner

Some days it’s just too hot to be outside – but if your air conditioning system isn’t functioning its best, you won’t find much refuge from the heat while indoors. Having a maintenance checkup performed on your AC is a convenient way to ensure your air conditioning system is performing at optimal levels. Not only will your system be more efficient at making your home cooler, but you’ll get to take advantage of these great perks:

– Lower Energy Bills
– Fewer AC Repairs
– Extended System Lifespan
– Improved Indoor Air Quality
– A More Comfortable Home

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A maintenance checkup from the professionals at Blair’s Air can ensure that your home is cool and comfortable this summer. When you join our Preferred Customer Program, you’ll get bi-annual preventative maintenance, priority service, and a 20 percent discount on repairs and more. If you’re ready to join the Preferred Customer Program contact one of our friendly team members for more information.

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