Whether you’re an HVAC aficionado or not, you’ve likely heard the word ‘SEER’ thrown around a time or two when talking about air conditioning systems. But what does ‘SEER’ mean? And is it really all that important when investing in a new air conditioning system? Find out here.

What Is the SEER Rating Chart?

For starters, SEER is short for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio and is a rating system of sorts for air conditioning systems. The SEER rating ultimately measures how efficient and HVAC system really is.

To determine a system’s SEER rating, there are two factors to consider: the amount of cool air produced and the amount of electricity needed to produce the cool air. The SEER rating is the result of the amount of cool air divided by the electricity needed. A higher number is indicative of a more efficient system and vice versa.

What’s the Best SEER Rating for My AC?

So you know what a SEER rating is, but is it really that important when investing a new HVAC system? In short: yes! The SEER rating will ultimately determine how efficient your system is, which can influence lots of other factors like your energy bills for starters. Here are just a few of the reasons why SEER ratings are crucial:

Comfort: When you invest in a new HVAC system for your home, you expect it to make your home comfortable. However, if you choose the wrong SEER rating for your home, it will be an uphill battle to keep your home comfy. Air conditioning systems with a higher SEER rating can greatly improve the comfort of your home while also removing humidity and improving indoor air quality.

Savings: HVAC systems with a higher SEER rating are more efficient, which means they will use less energy to cool your home. The result? Energy savings and decreased energy bills.

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