What Falls Under an HVAC Warranty?

What Falls Under an HVAC Warranty?

Thinking of buying a new HVAC system? Whether you’re making the move from a ductless system to a central unit or replacing your old HVAC unit, it’s important to know the details of your new HVAC system’s warranty. After all, you’re making a substantial home investment and you want to know exactly what is covered should you ever have problems down the line. Before installing a new system, here are a few important things to consider.

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What’s Included in an Air Conditioner Warranty?

Be sure to do your homework and research your options when it comes to warranty coverage. Take a look at manufacturer’s warranties and you’ll often find the parts of your system that will be covered. Most often, warranties cover you for a period of five to ten years. In some cases, you may get lucky to find warranties that offer you coverage for parts up to 20 years. However, be wary of long warranties. You may not be getting a unit of high quality. Your top goal should be to find a manufacturer with the best product. The better the unit, the less you’ll need to depend on that warranty in the future.

Labor is Not Part of the Package

Manufacturers do not include labor in their warranties and with good reason. They have no control whatsoever over the individuals who install your HVAC systems. When you turn to HVAC professionals to perform an installation for you, you need to inquire about their own labor warranties. In most cases, labor is covered for up to a year. If you want a longer warranty, ask about additional costs. You can also consider a service contract to give you peace of mind. For an annual fee, your HVAC professionals will assist you when it’s time for a maintenance visit or if you ever have a problem with your system.

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