Benefits of Variable Speed Air Handlers

Variable Speed Air Handlers Benefits

The air handler makes up the indoor portion of a split AC system. “Split” refers to the indoor and outdoor portions of the AC system. The air handler plays a part in dictating the efficiency and overall indoor comfort level. Because of its design, a variable speed air handler actually can improve humidity control and optimize system efficiency.

Continue reading to learn more about why homeowners looking to upgrade their climate control systems should consider a variable speed unit.

How Does An Air Handler Work?

Your air conditioners air handler moves air throughout your home. The system’s operating efficiency has several factors: how much electricity it needs to move hot air out and how much electricity the handler uses to push air through the home.

Variable Speed Air Handlers Benefits

Improved Efficiency
Typically, the air-handler runs at 100 percent of its capacity. In fact, traditional air conditioners function best when operating at full speed. However, this much air isn’t always needed.

Variable speed air handlers solve this problem by adjusting speed based on cooling needs. For instance, instead of repeatedly turning on and off throughout the day, a variable speed unit starts up at full capacity to quickly restore the home to a comfortable level. Then, the unit drops to a lower speed but continues to run. The air handler does not need as much energy to operate at a lower speed, and the system saves energy by avoiding repeated stops and starts.

Save Money on Monthly Electric Bills
Unfortunately, many balk at the thought of investing in air conditioners with a variable speed handler because they can cost significantly more than standard units. However, the benefits of a variable speed system might outweigh the costs. For instance, variable speed air handlers can save homeowners approximately 80 percent on monthly electric bills.

Lower Humidity
Additionally, these systems can run longer and have better humidity and climate control.

Less Noise
Many homeowners appreciate the lower noise level, too. In fact, the system operates so quietly, many cannot even tell when the AC turns on. Since they cycle nearly continuously, variable speed air handlers filter the air more frequently, greatly improving indoor air quality.

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