What Is Ductwork?

What Is Ductwork?

Ductwork is a system of ducts such as the air ducts for a heating and air conditioning system. The ducts are connected and used to enclose the air that is forced through the system by a blower motor. The air exits a duct through a vent and then enters a room, thereby adjusting the temperature of the room’s air. If the ducts are insulated, then there will be a lower rate of heat transfer, which will help to keep the air at a consistent temperature. A return air duct is used to extract air from a room.

What Is Ductwork Made Of?

Air ducts are usually made of metal and formed with four sides. The ducts can have a length of more than 30 feet. The four sides are connected to form a channel for the air being forced through the system. A cross-section of an air duct has a rectangular shape and each corner of the cross-section forms a 90-degree angle. Typically, the ducts are mounted under floors, inside walls, and on ceilings.

What Kind of Metal Is Ductwork?

Galvanized steel and aluminum are the traditional types of metal that are used to make air ducts. The strength and integrity of the ductwork matters because the ducts will be mounted on a stationary surface and must not vibrate. If the ducts are damaged, then the air will not circulate properly through the system. The forced air should not leak from other points on the ducts.


Insulation is used to control the temperature of the forced air that is inside the ducts. If the ducts are not insulated, then the exterior elements could affect the temperature of the forced air since metal will easily transfer heat. Seals help prevent the treated air from leaking out of the ducts before exiting a vent.

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