What Is NATE Certification?

What Is NATE Certification

Whether your heating or air conditioning system just went out or you simply need a routine maintenance checkup, you need to find a technician you can trust. One of the easiest ways you can identify a trustworthy HVAC technician is by selecting an individual who is NATE certified. But, what is NATE certification, and why is important? Like many other tradesmen, HVAC technicians can undergo rigorous testing to achieve certification and help them stand out among their competitors. This testing is known at NATE certification and makes a world of difference for you as a consumer.

NATE Certification Defined

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, which is an independent organization that endorses installation and service technicians using a knowledge-based assessment. Other organizations that are members of the NATE coalition include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

The NATE certification includes a knowledge-based exam that is used to certify installation and service technicians. The assessment involves both core and specialty segments. To pass, candidates must score 70 or higher on both segments. Specialties on the exam include air condition, air distribution, heat pump, oil heat and gas heat.

The certification exam is a rigorous assessment that many individuals do not pass on their initial attempt. The NATE certification ensures that those who do pass and become certified service providers and installers truly are those who are the best in the trade and provide the highest level of knowledge and experience.

Benefit to Consumers

As a consumer, you may wonder what the benefit of seeking out a NATE certified technician is to you. Unlike other state licensing requirements and qualifications, NATE certification is actually voluntary, so the individuals who are certified are already taking an additional step to show they’ll go the extra mile for their customers. With that level of dedication, you can expect a different level of service from these technicians, including:

– Reliable service from a trustworthy technician.

– Maintenance and installation care to keep your unit performing at its best.

– Knowledgeable care that helps you save energy (and money).

– A readily available resource for all of your questions.

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