When to Call For Air Conditioning Repair

when to call for air conditioning repair

When to Call For Air Conditioning Repair

Think you might need to call an expert for air conditioning repair, but you also think you might be able to fix it yourself? The Tampa Bay HVAC experts at Blair’s Air want to help—and possibly save you an AC service call! Check these things before calling and know when it’s really time to call for a repair.

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Troubleshooting Common AC Issues Before Calling Blair’s Air

First, check that you have power in your home and that your air conditioning unit is free from any and all debris and obstructions. Be sure to check that there is electrical power to the residential or commercial space. Finally, check the condensate drain line in your air handler. If the drain line is clogged and overflowing the system will shut down. Read our blog “How to Use Vinegar to Clean Your AC’s Condensate Drain Line” to learn more.

What to Check Before Calling for Heating and Cooling Repair

Floridians simply can’t live without their heating and cooling systems. If your HVAC system is failing, check these things before calling your friends at Blair’s Air:

Thermostat Issues to Check Before Calling for AC Repair

  • Check the thermostat to confirm that the auto, cool and temperature settings are set to your personal comfort level. It is common for us to receive calls for thermostats that are simply not set correctly.
  • Battery issues are also very common. Ensure that the batteries in your thermostat have not died before scheduling a service call.
  • Dirt in the thermostat is another common heating and cooling occurrence. Use compressed air to blow out any dirt or grime that may have accumulated on the thermostat, causing it to misfire.
  • User errors are the most common thermostat issue. Constantly moving the thermostat temperature up and down can cause the compressor to overheat and stop running.

Electrical Breaker Issues to Check Before Calling for HVAC Repair

  • Power surges caused by storms or overuse can cause a loss of electricity to your air conditioner. Locate the circuit for the air conditioner in your breaker panel and switch it off then back on.
  • Inspect your system’s air handler to ensure electricity reaches it when you turn on the system.

Air Filter and Ventilation Issues to Check Before Calling

  • Change your air filter every month or two to ensure that your air conditioner is able to correctly function and push air through to your home.
  • If your air handler is enclosed in a storage closet, ensure that the area around the handler is able to breathe. Oftentimes, homeowners will crowd the air handler, causing the system to overwork itself.

Contact Blair’s Air for HVAC Repair in Tampa Bay

So, you’ve checked all of the things listed in this blog and your air conditioner still isn’t running properly? Then it’s time to call the reliable, trained and licensed air conditioning technicians at Blair’s Air. Our team has seen every AC repair situation and will get your system back to keeping you comfortable as soon as possible! Call us now at (727) 800-4148 or contact us online.