Strange Air Conditioning Noises

Strange Air Conditioning Noises

Is your air conditioner making noises that are a bit strange? Your AC is talking to you. And it’s saying, “help.” When a weird sound comes out of your air conditioner, it’s usually not a great sign. Buzzing, whistling, hissing, rattling, grinding, popping – any one of these sounds may be indicative of a problem that’s causing your system to run less efficiently. When these strange sounds are ignored, whatever’s causing them may eventually result in serious damage to your air conditioner. Don’t drown out the noise. Discover what’s causing your air conditioner to be so noisy and learn how to help it.

4 Strange Air Conditioner Noises Explained

Different noises mean different issues. Since you likely don’t speak air conditioner, here’s a guide to help you understand what the strange sound coming from your AC means.

1. Buzzing or Humming Noise

These sounds can be caused by a variety of issues, ranging from loose parts to motor problems. If you hear unusually loud buzzing or humming sounds coming from your air conditioner, have a professional AC technician check things out.

2. Rattling Noise

A rattling sound may mean something as easy to fix as loose bolts, screws or fasteners. Detect where the sound is coming from and see what needs to be tightened up. If you hear a rattling sound coming from your outdoor condenser unit, it may mean debris, such as leaves or sticks, has fallen into it. After turning off the unit, you can easily remove the fan grill to remove whatever is caught inside. If none of these things seem to be the cause, the rattling sounds may be coming from your compressor. This happens with age and is a usually one of the first signs that an AC replacement is in order.

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3. Whistling or Hissing Noise

If your air conditioner is hissing at you, don’t assume your ducts have been invaded by a colony of snakes just yet. However, it is likely that the problem lies in your ductwork. Hissing or whistling sounds are commonly caused by leaks in your ducts that allow refrigerant to escape. Have a professional AC technician inspect your ducts to be safe.

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4. Grinding Noise

The compressor or the fan belt may cause a grinding noise coming from your air conditioner. The compressor may be worn down, causing its parts to make harsh grinding sounds as they compress refrigerant. This is usually a sign it’s time to replace the compressor. It is also possible that the sound is coming from your fan belt, which may mean it has come loose. If the fan belt is loose, it could damage other parts of your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Repair with Blair’s Air

Strange air conditioner noises are bothering you? Then listen to what they’re trying to tell you! Although your system may continue to work properly when making a strange noise, whatever’s causing the sound could end up causing more damage if it’s allowed to persist.

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